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Speciality Gas Piping Installation


D & N offer a range of services to all sectors of UK industry and academia that use speciality gases in their premises.

Our focus is the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of high-purity, high-integrity, compressed gas distribution systems. Our particular expertise is in clean room, laboratory, analytical and semiconductor applications.

We have extensive applications experience with semiconductor gases and are therefore fully versed with the handling requirements of toxic, flammable and pyrophoric gases. We can provide double contained orbitally welded pipe work if required.

Our service includes full compliance with applicable legislation and codes of practise.

We aim to work with you, to forge a close working relationship, that allows us to fully understand your application. By closely understanding your application we can provide the most appropriate solution for your requirements.

We aim to maintain excellent working relationships with our clients; long after system commissioning has been completed.


We build a range of gas control products; which vary in complexity. We build gas regulator panels, manifolds, sample systems and pipeline outlet / control panels. These will be designed to the specific requirements of your project. Our speciality is in bespoke systems. These can include PLC controlled systems, fitted with a GUI as shown below. Again these systems would be designed specifically to your requirements.

Turnkey Gas Distribution Solution

Industrial compressed gas delivery

We provide custom design pipework installations to several industries including biopharm and pharmaceuticals.

Specialist Gas Pipework Installers